Vehicle Warranty 4U


Vehicle Warranty 4U

A Message From Our Managing Director

“In 2010, I had accomplished my goals and everything I had hoped for in the world of financial services and travel. I decided – in an industry which I love and have had great success, that it was time to buck the trend of what I consider to be over-inflated prices, in the world of vehicle warranties. 

Having built up a most satisfied and loyal customer base over the years – many of whom are elderly, it was becoming increasingly unfair that in this industry, people were being unnecessarily over-charged by warranty providers, with products that did not represent great value. From this frustration, Vehicle Warranty 4U was established. 

For the last 14 years we have been able to offer our customers award-winning products at affordable prices. So ‘mission accomplished’!


Another area of my frustration would have to be pet insurance and the extortionate premiums being charged. Having rescued ex-breeding dogs from puppy farms myself, I think it is imperative that there is an affordable product on the market; when a dog gets to a certain age, pet owners should have peace of mind and should not be driven to cancelling their policies due to eye-watering monthly installments. Once again this is not going to happen overnight but with my dedicated team, we are determined to offer an affordable alternative – watch this space!”

Philip Jacobs - Managing Director

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